About Us


The Selfish Sisters is a sisterhood of empowered b*tches preaching self-love, cultivating wellness, and inspiring personal growth.

 We want to be a part of every woman's journey to self-realization, with the kindness and bluntness of a sister. We want to support them as they rediscover self-love, provide them with the tools they need to accomplish their goals, and offer advice as they heal and evolve into the best version of themselves. 


Katlyn and Lisa the founder and CEO of Selfish Sisters and creator of Hoefirmations drinking red wine in silky pink robes sitting on a bed


We want to redefine being selfish as putting one’s self first and being proud of it. We want to guide a whole new generation of enlightened women, empowered to do whatever the f*ck they want, reclaiming and owning their divine femininity.

And how are we going to do that? By showing them how to put themselves first, and unlearn toxic habits, beliefs, and behaviours. We’re not glorifying trauma anymore, it’s sexy to heal and we’re here to show them the path.


It all started in June 2019 when Lisa moved from Paris to Toronto and crossed Katlyn’s path during a job interview. That’s how two mentally unstable girls then formed a creative team in a top-tier advertising agency. It’s worth noting that we became partners in crime long before we actually became business partners. From there, we grew together, cried together, watched each other repeat the same mistakes, and eventually overcame toxic d*cks together. At our lowest, we embarked on a spiritual and self-discovery journey, powered by curiosity, newly found self-love, tarot cards, and unconditional support.

We realized how lucky we were to have each other, and that the universe knew exactly what she was doing, bringing together this ho(e)ly duo. We’re thriving on the perfect ratio between hyping and roasting, calling each other out on our bullsh*t daily. We started realizing a lot of things, expanded our minds, evolved, overcame our limiting beliefs, and found our own true selves.

At some point we realized that our savage dynamic has always been key to both our journeys, and that a lot of women out there didn’t have access to this kind of truthful relationship. Our younger selves wish they’ve been given all this advice earlier and are now begging us to share it with sisters in need of guidance. That’s when we found our higher purpose and brought the Selfish Sisterhood to life. In this community we’re all bad b*tches; our goal is to provide support, resources, share what we learnt along the way and hope it can power every woman’s personal growth journey.